12 Moons 7/5/14

Hey There, Nancy Carey Johnson, Singer/Songwriter here. Thought I'd write and let you know that I went to the 12 Moons Coffee House this last Saturday night. What a great time! I was accompanied by my husband and our eldest son which was really nice. Then too, it was held outside in "La Bonne's Plaza" which is a lovely little, hidden courtyard, made better because the weather was just perfect! Ed Thorney and Jill Gibbons opened and they sounded great! Ed and Jill were followed by Caroline Paton of Folk Legacy Records, and boy does she exude warmth and charm, no wonder she's still in demand as a performer 50 years later! Then it was "A great evening of Irish and American traditional tunes with Dave Paton (Caroline's son), Robbie Haldane, Tom White and Will McCabe" who headlined, those guys were terrific!

While I really enjoy going to the 12 Moons Coffee House, my schedule doesn't usually permit my getting there. This time though I made it a priority 3 months ago because I'd heard Tom White was going to be performing and I wanted to meet him. "Why?" you might ask, well fact is, I was having trouble finding a mandolin player for my Wild Women Don't Get the Blues project when I happened to ask Jill Gibbons if she knew anyone. She said, "Yes as a matter of fact I do! His name is Tom White and he's SOOOO GOOD. In fact, I'd LOVE to take lessons from him!" With that recommendation I contacted Tom who said, "Sure, send me the material and I'll see what I can come up with" and so I did -what a smart move! The thing is, while working in cyber space can be convenient, it means you don't necessarily get to meet the people you're working with and so I made a point to go, listen and meet!

After Dave, Robbie, Tom and Will went, I had a chance to sing a couple of songs which was a real pleasure, especially since I had a chance to have Tom White (mando), Joel Blumert (guitar) and Tom Hanford (fiddle) join me, all of whom played on my CD and as an extra treat we were joined by Dave Paton on concertina - Truth? We sounded pretty darned good! The evening was closed out by the very talented Joel Blumert and Tom Hanford who each did a few tunes and accompanied each other as well. A wonderful evening filled with lots of talent any way you look at it! Be well - Nancy