Ahhh, Mother Nature

Good Morning, Nancy Carey Johnson, Singer/Songerwriter here with you on this bitterly cold morning in the Northeastern United States. My husband and 2 of our sons left the house at 6:00 AM and the thermometer said it was -12* outside; Yikes that's cold! So why am I telling you this? Well because the cold was a contributing factor to the snowfall we had the last couple of days. We got @ a foot of snow, which thankfully, was a very light, fluffy snow due to the bitter cold. But that's the kind of snow can make the roads really treacherous, something about the way the snow packs down on the roads makes it immediately icy. And so, due to snow and icy roads, we cancelled the recording with Con Doty, my electric guitar player. With luck we'll schedule a session for next week and actually finish the electric guitar parts up, here's hoping anyway!

Stay safe and warm,

ox N.