Andy "Banjovi" Gordon

Hi All, Nancy Carey Johnson, Singer/Songwriter here. Time to tell you about another wonderful find, Mr. Andy “Banjovi” Gordon. As with most people working on my CD, Wild Women Don't Get the Blues, there is a story behind Andy's appearance. You see, I thought I'd found a banjo player for a couple of my songs. She is local and came highly recommended. She was all ready to do this project for me until I mentioned the “L” word. At the mention of the word Lawyer, she elected not to work on my project because she didn't want to be involved on something so 'corporate'. Disclaimer here; There is nothing and I mean NOTHING about me or this project that is 'corporate' but no amount of talking could change her mind and so with a heavy heart I had to look else where. While I don't know how things would have worked out with this woman I'm delighted with how things worked out with Andy “Banjovi” Gordon.

Andy is one of those guys who can seemingly play anything with strings. He is also one of the three founding members of the, “Housatonic Philharmonic” a wonderful old timey country/bluegrass band. I should mention that once again Terry Alaberry came through for me again as it was he who recommended Andy and I'm tickled to say it was a winning recommendation for me! Andy has a great attitude, is really easy to work with and took his job seriously –he learned the songs in short order, thought about them and came up with some really great banjo parts!

Then, when the person who was supposed to play Pedal Steel for me backed out, I called on Andy again, and, once again he learned the songs (in short order), then came in and laid down some really beautiful tracks – even to a song we threw at him last minute that he'd never heard before!

While this project has had it's difficulties, I've also been so blessed to have worked with such wonderful musicians as Andy "Banjovi" Gordon!!!

Be well and have a great day,