CD Updates

Good Morning, Nancy Carey Johnson, Singer/Songwriter here. Thought I'd bring you up-to-date with my upcoming (and first) CD entitled Wild Women Don't Get the Blues. Truth be told things have NOT gone smoothly, there have been a million set backs, between health issues of various participants, lack of communication, fear of those in the "L" profession (that would be Lawyer for those of you who have no fear of them and therefore didn't understand the insinuation), family crises and a whole host of other things. I do NOT mean to complain because I am actually grateful for all the lessons learned - and I have learned a LOT of them! - but said lessons most definitely make this process take a whole lot longer than anticipated, sigh.

So, here's where we're at: Need to have Con Doty come back in and finish the electric guitar parts on 2 more songs, need someone to come in and do 2 fiddle solo's (though I may have found someone to do that), need to find a mandolin player who can give me some beautiful ornamentation on several songs, then it's lead vocals and backing vocals and then on to the mix down. So close I can almost taste it but not there yet…argh!
I'll keep you posted as various phases come to completion - can't wait!

Stay warm,

Best, Nancy