Diane Davis/Melba Studios

Hey There, Nancy Carey Johnson, Singer/Songwriter here. So, we left off at the last "chapter" of why I didn't use the engineer/producer I was originally planning on using -which BTW was both hard and scary. After all, I've never done this before and this guy has had plenty of experience; so what to do? Well, after a lot of research on local studio's, asking a LOT of questions of all kinds of people and several meetings and a lot of soul searching, I elected to go with Diane Davis of Melba Studios who also happens to play bass for me. Diane is one hell of a "Geek"! The woman lives and breaths tech and music and as far as most of the earth's population is concerned, Diane speaks a language even Martians wouldn't understand - but the woman knows her stuff and what's equally important for me is that she 'gets me'. And so we move forward. Be well, enjoy this gorgeous late winter day and as always looking forward to hearing from you! - Nancy