Kim Hoffman - Violinist

Who knew? Certainly not me. I don't play the violin or the fiddle - and for those of you who don't know, the fiddle and the violin are the same instrument the difference is in how it is played. So why am I telling you this? Well because I hired a fiddle player, a very good fiddle player, but he's not a classically trained violinist.

Hi there, Nancy Carey Johnson, Singer/Songwriter here. Think I mentioned in a previous post that I am producing my first CD. Me, producing -hmmmm. Don't mean to be negative, but this is the first time I've ever done anything like this and believe me when I tell you there has been some SERIOUS on-the-job training! The good news no the GREAT news is that I'm learning - a whole LOT!!!!!

I'll give you a for instance; I've learned that a fiddle player can't necessarily play the "violin" nor can a violinist necessarily play the "fiddle". I've learned that bow pressure is HUGELY important to the player's 'sound'. I've learned that "double stops" while appropriate for a lot of "Fiddle Tunes" are NOT necessarily appropriate in love songs. I've also learned that there is such a thing as a 5 string electric violin - who knew?

"How did you learn about 5 string electric violins?" you might ask. Well I'll tell you. When I realized that some of my songs really needed violin parts instead of fiddle parts I started searching for a violin player, a good one. Happily, Diane Davis (my engineer) suggested a woman she'd worked with from time to time named Kim Hoffman. We sent Kim the songs I wanted her to play on and gave her an idea of what I was looking for. After listening to the songs Kim got back to me and said, "Can do" and she gave me her thoughts and ideas, including that she thought her "5 string electric violin would sound GREAT on 'Give Me Wings' because the fifth string is low and sounds kind of like a cello which would complement the song very well!"

Holy Smoke was Kim right! What she did is absolutely gorgeous! She gave me beautiful and romantic where I needed it. She gave me lovely trills and ornamentations. She did her homework i.e. familiarized herself with the material. "What!?!" you may exclaim, "Of course she would familiarize herself with the material. Who wouldn't?" I'm here to tell you a LOT of people wouldn't and didn't. But Kim did. And what a difference it made. She has a wonderful touch. A wonderful feel. She had ideas of what she wanted to do and implemented them. Beautifully. With a lovely, steady bow. With incredible emotion.

So, if ever you find yourself in need of a fabulous violinist who can play the fiddle too, get a hold of me and I'll put you in touch with Kim Hoffman. Believe me, you WON'T regret that decision!!!

Be well and stay safe and warm,