More Infinity Music Hall

Good Morning, Nancy Carey Johnson, Singer/Songwriter here on this very cold albeit beautifully clear and very sunny almost "Winter" morning! Thought I'd tell you that last week they held an Open Mic party for all those who has participated in the [revopis OM's upstairs on the Big Stage. It was a lovely party. Dan Hincks (president of IMH) generously supplied delicious Hors d'oeuvre's and discounted drinks, the talent was amazing, Andy Attansio was his usual warm and welcoming self, his wife Margarete (who is the IMH's hospitality manager) made sure everything ran smoothly.

One neat thing I noticed as I sat in the audience listening to the performers, was the dark blue backdrop that is covered with shining 'stars' had some stars that actually 'twinkled' meaning they would surreptitiously fade in and out like you sometimes see in the sky, a really nice touch! Now if only I could get my Christmas tree lights to do the same thing…

Anyway, Thank you Dan, Andy and Margarete for the lovely party, we had a wonderful time!

Best, Nancy