P.D. Walsh's last...

Hi All, Nancy Carey Johnson, Singer/Songwriter here with a heavy heart. I got the sad news that my very favorite Country Store and Open Mic Venue, P.D. Walsh's is closing https://www.facebook.com/pages/PD-Walshs-Country-Store-1-860-824-9833/23.... Trish Walsh (Patricia -hence the "P.") opened her doors @ 4 years ago and things were moving along steadily until a year and a half ago when they closed the Amesville Bridge for repair, thus cutting off a MAJOR connection and serious shortcut from the rest of the world to the tiny town of Falls Village, CT. Since the closing of the Amesville Bridge business has dropped off dramatically and Trish had to make the hard decision to shut her doors. What a loss for Falls Village. What a loss for antique dealers and local artisans who sold their cool and beautiful handmade crafts and antiques there. What a loss for local musicians and National acts who had the opportunity to play and network there in the beautiful space with great acoustics!

P.D. Walsh's is where, when I first moved to the area and knew nobody, I played the OM's and was lucky enough to meet so many of the wonderful and talented musicians and music lovers I now call friends, many of which I have playing on my Wild Women Don't Get the Blues CD - Joel Blumert (guitar), Con Doty (electric guitar), Scott Camara (dobro), Tom Hanford (fiddle)… and through Joel I met Diane Davis (my engineer and bass player) and Jodylynn Talevi whose song Lonely Angels Weep I am recording and who is also doing the graphic design for my CD Cover.

It's where I met Edie Bell, a 92 year old woman (at the time) a music lover extraordinaire and groupie who for years would be at P.D. Walsh's EVERY SINGLE open Mic. In fact, Edie had a rocking chair that was saved just for her and EVERYBODY knew and respected that that was Edie's chair! It was where I met Edie's daughter Carolee (70 something), a more fun loving woman you've never met. It's where Carolee met now (and new) boyfriend Gary. It's where Gordie Cook who was there to support her very talented husband John first thought of using guitar strings for cool and interesting jewelry and Trish was the first in the area to carry Gordie's stuff. It was a place that sisters Trish Walsh and Maureen Dell sang and played together with beautiful vocals and harmonies.

It's a place where Republicans and Democrats put aside their politics and could and see each other for who they were rather than just their political views. It's where Wayne Collier decided to be brave enough to try playing his pedal steel publicly. Where Steve Brandt would go and support folks even though he almost always refused to play his mandolin (and he's considered by many to be the best mandolin player in the Northeast). It is a place where those of huge talent and experience and those who just loved to sing and play regardless of talent or experience came together to support each other. A place where Beal Kaman and The "Usual Suspects" played a fundraiser for the MS Society of Ct. and Bill Benson played with his band "Another Road" to raise funds for Warm Up Connecticut - to help those who struggle to pay their fuel bills in what can be Connecticut's brutal winters. It's where Patti shared with me she realized that she was in love with her best friend Con and the two came together and where Doctors, Lawyers and Broadway producers met and played with carpenters, the unemployed and gas station attendants and all were treated equally and with mutual respect. It is where you could get a cup of coffee, tea, soda, pizza and all sorts of treats on the honor system, in short it was Small Town America at it's very finest!!!!!!!!!

Saturday January 18th is the last Open Mic P.D. Walsh's will host and you can bet that I will be there - with a heavy heart but also with great joy and gratitude; Gratitude for having been so warmly welcomed into the community of wonderful, real people who so freely shared their friendship, sense of humor, joys, struggles and talents with me. Believe me when I tell you I will deeply miss P.D. Walsh's when it's gone and I will ALWAYS cherish the time I had there and all the wonderful folks I met through them!!!

Hope to see you there on the 18th!!!