Sooooo Long

It's 2 days before Christmas and yesterday the snow melted here in my tiny corner of the Berkshire Mountains. I LOVE a white Christmas, but then again I'm from the Northeast, right where Millerton, NY, Sharon, Ct., Lakeville, Ct. and Berkshire County, MA. meet. It's a gorgeous part of the world and there are times when you walk out your door you can imagine what life must have been like for folks who lived here 200 years ago… As I said, the bad news is the snow melted and there is none in the foreseeable future which means a brown Christmas -argh. If course the good news is that all the ice has melted from my driveway too (whew!), but truth be told I'm still a little disgruntled.

Morning, it's a disgruntled Nancy Carey Johnson, Singer/Songwriter here with you. I realize that you have problems of your own, ESPECIALLY 2 days before Christmas - and we're all in the same boat! And I realize that it's not fun to hear other people complain when you have problems of your own, but I'm most definitely one of those who feels that if you can learn something from my angst, then some of it, might just be worth it. So why am I disgruntled? Well, once again my CD Wild Women Don't Get the Blues is on hold. There are times that it seems like it's 2 steps forward and one step back and then there are times it feels like it's one step forward and two steps back, but it has never been onward and forward. I'm ready willing and able to do things. I've done as much as my homework and legwork as I know how to do. I'm as organized as I know how to be (in fact this is one of the few places in my life where I actually AM organized) and yet I still can't move things forward. Why? Well because I am not an island and can't do this alone. Oh I could, BUT as a wife and mother of 4 (large) teenaged boys with a LOT on my plate I choose not to take the time to learn all there is to learn about being an engineer, especially because I don't just want to "get it done", rather I'm looking to have a world class release and that means hiring others to help make it happen. And of course those other people have lives to. They have their priorities, distractions, health issues, families, heartaches and God knows what else. And so as hard as I try, as organized as I am, as willing as I am to put other things aside in order to finish this project, I have to wait. So why am I telling you this? Because I'm not the only one going through these kind of things. No doubt you too have your disappointments, your frustrations, your agonies. But stay strong because if you LOVE what you're doing (as I do) you will get there. And that which doesn't kill you does make you stronger! And I've found that I AM stronger for this experience, frustrated but stronger. And wiser. I'll get there even if it does take longer than I was hoping for or expected. And when I do, I'll have a world class recording which I can share with you - and that's really exciting! One day, after this is all done, I'll give you some of the inside 'nitty-gritty' for now suffice it to say, you're not the only one and if you're doing what you love for the love of what you're doing keep plugging along, you will get there!

For now, take the time to get ready for Christmas or whatever it is you need to get ready for and enjoy the process!!! Best, Nancy