Technology - ARGH!!!

OK, I realize that technology is suppose to be our savior of sorts; saving the environment by not cutting down trees which causes soil erosion which leads to water pollution and less oxygen etc. However at the moment I am NOT impressed with technology. My friend and computer guy Matt Pirrone tells me that computers are, “Nothing more than a glorified toaster” and therefore I shouldn't expect too much from them. In this case all I can say is, “Yeah, OK, whatever...”. “Why such an attitude?” you might ask. Well because like it or not, I depend on technology in order for my website to work and to be available to the public – and because of that I got 'toasted'

Hi all, it's a disgruntled Nancy Carey Johnson, Singer/Songwriter here. You see, the root of my disgruntledness (is there such a word?) is the fact that I've been trying to keep you updated on what's going on in my career and specifically the progress on my recording by blogging. It's where I have the chance to tell you about the process, about my hopes, about the realities and frustrations of a project like this and it's where I tell you about the wonderful folks I've had the opportunity to work with; only to find out that due to a lack of 'cache updating' on somebody else's part -whose system then crashed-, I've lost a lot of data including information on a couple of the folks involved. As I said, “Technology – ARGH!!!”

I will however rewrite some of the lost blogs (shame on me for not keeping them separately) so that you have the opportunity to meet some of the wonderful people involved.

Be well and have a great day,