Tough Winter!

Hey There, Nancy Carey Johnson, Singer/Songwriter here. Spring has sprung - sort of. I say "Spring" but truth is, nestled here in the foothills of the Berkshires, it seems as though Mother Nature forgot to put on us her calendar. So, why am I writing? Well I figured I'd bring you up to date since it's been a while. Fact is, things slowed down on my Wild Women Don't Get the Blues project for a while because it was a tough winter! Not only was it very cold and snowy but I'd been sick a lot (which is very UNLIKE me), coming down with shingles and several colds all of them coupled with bouts with laryngitis - a singers nightmare, argh!!!!! In fact my whole family participated in this wonderful “Winter of Worms” and between the 6 of us we really were sick for a solid 6 months. The GOOD NEWS as I said earlier is that spring is here and I am feeling back to my old self and ready to move forward – yea! Be well, Nancy