Scott Camara, Dobro Player

Good Morning, Nancy Carey Johnson, Singer/Songwriter here. Thought I'd share a discovery with you. Actually, the 'discovery' has a name and it is Scott Camara. "Why?" you may ask yourself am I telling you about Scott. Well, Scott is a truly WONDERFUL, INCREDIBLY TASTEFUL dobro player. And because he's such a good player he's in high demand! And I'm very pleased to say that I have the privilege of having Scott play on my upcoming CD. Add to that he's just purchased a pedal steel guitar and is eager to start working with it! Read more about Scott Camara, Dobro Player  »

The Country Bistro, Salisbury, Ct.

Happy 4th of July! Nancy Carey Johnson, Singer/Songwriter here. Don't know if you've noticed that I've added a new link to my website it's, "The Country Bistro" in Salisbury, Ct. And it's not just because I'm playing there on the terrace every Saturday Night this summer. It is also due to the fact that The Country Bistro is a lovely, delightful place with a very relaxing atmosphere housed in a building that is steeped in old New England charm. They serve Breakfast and Lunch 7 days a week and Dinners Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Read more about The Country Bistro, Salisbury, Ct.  »

Blessed None-the-less...

Hi there, Nancy Carey Johnson singer/songwriter here. Just a brief note to let you know that in the end the songs I was asked to write and submit to Los Lonely Boys were 'rejected' - when all was said and done it turns out that they 'don't accept outside material'. The good news is I had the honor of being asked to write and submit songs in the first place, I got a couple of good, solid tunes out of it and it was a great experience! All in all, I'm very blessed! -Nancy Read more about Blessed None-the-less...  »

Joel Blumert

Hi All, Nancy Carey Johnson Singer/Songwriter here. I'd like to introduce you to my friend Joel Blumert. Joel is one of those interesting guys who excels at everything he puts his mind to. He is a marvelous guitarist, plays a mean blues harp, sings beautifully, is a wonderful songwriter, he's made all sorts of knives, studied Marshall Arts, made his living as a healer, is seriously into bicycling (Move over Lance Legstrong!), he speaks Chinese -no doubt fluently and those are just the things I know about! Read more about Joel Blumert »