Rooney Tunes Productions

Hi there, Nancy Carey Johnson, Singer/Songwriter here on a gorgeous late summer day. Just got to thinking about a recent experience I had and thought I'd share it with you. So @ a year ago I was getting gas and the music was just pouring out of me (I know, what else is new?). Anyway, happens that another woman was getting gas at the same time, heard me singing and said "Wow, you're good! My fiance and I put on concerts with all kinds of acts including New Riders of the Purple Sage down 22 at Kaplan's farm". Long story short, nothing much happened after that. Read more about Rooney Tunes Productions »

Good Job

Hi there, Nancy Johnson, Singer/Songwriter here. Good job on your part with all the luck you wished me - it worked! I just got word that The Taste of Litchfield Hills Festival in Lime Rock, Connecticut has asked me to play over Labor Day Weekend, actually on Labor Day itself. It's for 2-1 hour shows (or there abouts): The first is at 1PM and the 2nd is at 3PM. Lime Rock Park is not only in a gorgeous setting, it's also got some cool history behind it due in part to the fact it's the classic car course that Paul Newman (among others) used to race. Read more about Good Job »

Falls Village Update

Good Evening, Nancy Carey Johnson, Singer/Songwriter here. Just thought I'd update you on the Falls Village, Ct. gig. We played at Walsh's Country Store which is a REALLY nice place - full of beautiful things and good treats to eat. There were some truly WONDERFUL musicians there, SMOKING Finger Pickers, TERRIFIC songwriters, FABULOUS fiddle and mandolin players, as well as lead and harmony singers. The response was so enthusiastic to the music, that we've been asked to perform every Saturday at noon, so if you get a chance, stop in take a listen, look around and enjoy. Read more about Falls Village Update »

Performance Technique

Howdy, Nancy Carey Johnson, Singer/Songwriter on this end of the line. I recently had an interesting experience. It was a conversation with a lovely woman from NYC who is a singer/songwriter, has plenty of talent but no confidence in herself, nor does she know how to put her talent across. So she's asked me if I would coach her in performance technique and is willing to travel from NYC to Millerton, NY to do it! Imagine that. Read more about Performance Technique »

Falls Village, Ct.

Good Morning, it's a flattered Nancy Carey Johnson, Singer/Songwriter here. While out doing errands the other day I ran into Charlie a darned good bass player I vaguely know from Jamming at Mizza's Pizza in Lakeville, Ct. Well, as Charlie and I chatted truck window to truck window he told me he was hosting a jam/open mic at the opening of the Country Store in Falls Village, Ct. and had been looking for a way to get a hold of me because he really wanted me to be there! I was both delighted and a little flattered. Read more about Falls Village, Ct. »