Lilith Fair

Hi, Nancy Carey Johnson singer/songwriter here on this very wet evening. Things have a way of changing so unexpectedly (yeah I know, no news there!) and my life is no different. In fact recently, a LOT of my time got freed up due to a 2 year project coming to an end. So why do I tell you this? Well, it's because I've got a burning passion in me to sing and to perform - so much so, that I would sing to the coyotes just to have them sing back in harmony - and scarily, that's no lie. In fact, I've ALWAYS had this desire. Read more about Lilith Fair »

Thank You Pete

Hi there, Nancy Carey Johnson, singer/songwriter here. Speaking of singing, I've sung my whole life. Some of my earliest memories are of singing and of wanting to sing and I remember WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY back, back to when I was in diapers (but that's another story). Anyway, as I was saying before I rudely interrupted myself, that from way back I've wanted to sing and perform professionally. Read more about Thank You Pete »

Back to the Drawing Board...

... Or rather the guitar, paper and pencil... Howdy, Nancy Carey Johnson, singer/songwriter here on this stormy evening. Actually, I can't draw to save my soul, I'm so bad that people laugh themselves silly at my attempt at stick figures. On the other hand, I CAN write songs! I've had a really busy year and spent most of my time writing peace songs for the CPP or children's songs for my Mommy and Me program at the NECC in Millerton, NY. Read more about Back to the Drawing Board... »

Not 1 but 2 Amazing Gifts

Hi there, Nancy Carey Johnson, singer/songwriter here. I just wanted to publicly thank my dear friend Baker Bob who just 3 days ago gave me not 1 but 2 AMAZING GIFTS! The first one was Maura O'connell's CD "Stories". Maura as it happens is one of my very favorite singers, she has an unbelievable voice, but it's what she does with it that is just stunning. She sings with such depth, emotion and soul. "Stories" is an absolutely wonderful CD filled with gorgeous songs and terrific arrangements perfectly executed by tremendous players! Read more about Not 1 but 2 Amazing Gifts »

Summer Has Arrived...

...And so have the bugs! Hi there, Nancy Carey Johnson singer/songwriter here, thinking about all the bugs I am and have been swatting at in the last 2 weeks. Before this there were some bugs but summer has ARRIVED in the North East or at least in my little slice of it. Mosquitos are swarming, deer fly are dive bombing, no-see-um's are being their tricky little selves and taking large chunks out of us. Which got me to thinking about the good and the bad of summer. Read more about Summer Has Arrived... »