The Hardest Part

Good Morning from a VERY HOT AND MUGGY Upstate, N.Y., Nancy Carey Johnson, Singer/Songwriter here. I've been thinking that the VERY HARDEST PART of doing this CD is the waiting!!! I LOVE going into the studio and making music -playing, singing etc! I LOVE producing (who knew?)! I LOVE editing -and the whole mental process! I'm psyched EVERY TIME I go into the studio to make music happen -in any capacity!!!!! There is one part of this process however that I loath - and that's the WAITING!!! Read more about The Hardest Part »

Three Plus Week Hiatus

Good Morning, Nancy Carey Johnson, Singer/Songwriter here on this wickedly hot and humuggity August morning. My life has been a WHIRLWIND these last 3 weeks (some good stuff and not some not so good stuff, i.e. stitches - argh) and consequently I've had to take almost a 4 week hiatus from the studio - ack!!! Can't wait to get back to it and keep my Wild Women Don't Get the Blues project moving forward!!! Be well, Best, Nancy Read more about Three Plus Week Hiatus »

Backup Vocals

Good Morning, Nancy Carey Johnson, Singer/Songwriter here with you on this cool summer's morning. So, in my last post I told you that I can see a glimmer of light for the end of my Wild Women Don't Get the Blues project. Fact is, we've started recording background vocals; Joel Blumert's vocals are done and we've made some headway with both Diane Davis and my vocals; next week we'll be going back into record more and hopefully finish 'em off! Woohoo!

Be well, Best, Nancy Read more about Backup Vocals »

I see a glimmer!

'Slowly she turned, step by step…' the key words here are "Slowly" and "Step by step", Hi Nancy Carey Johnson, Singer/Songwriter here.The point is of course, that at times while things seemed to have gone SO slowly on my Wild Women Don't Get the Blues project, little by little, step by step we've made progress and now, finally, I'm starting to see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel - woohoo! Be well, Nancy Read more about I see a glimmer! »

The Irony...

"What irony?" you may well ask. Or perhaps, "Which irony?" and I wouldn't blame you one bit! Hi there, Nancy Carey Johnson, Singer/Songwriter here! In this case, the irony I'm speaking of is the fact that both my opening and closing songs are nearing completion. It wasn't planned that way, it just kinda happened like that - guess that's part of the irony! And make no mistake, there are still things to do, but those two songs anyway are SO MUCH closer, YEA! Hope you're having a great day! Best, Nancy Read more about The Irony... »