Life is Good - Acknowledgments

I want to thank all the people who for years, encouraged me: "Write a book." If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have undertaken the task.

Cindy Snow-Pitts, Deborah W. Clark, John Brett, Jenna Lynn Gerrish, Wayne Levandoski, Merilyn Carey Donaldson, Tim Martin, Ralph Huntington, Laurie Cutler Kalanges, Renee Burke, Sharmon Gereg Dyer McKee, Marcia Sweeney-Young, Deborah Storrs, Sigurbjorn Marinosson (Sig Mar).

Thanks to Leslie Jackson who is the reason I started writing after she implored her friends, "Tell me about your day . . ." and so I did. Read more about Life is Good - Acknowledgments »

Life is Good - Table of Contents

  1. Life Is Good
  2. A Real Woman
  3. Early Morning Diner
  4. Faith Rewarded
  5. And God Said, “Thwack”
  6. Shackles and Chains
  7. Pickled Leeks
  8. Kitchen Dancing
  9. Early Morning Riser
  10. Nancy’s Blueberry Muffins
  11. It’s Official
  12. Noon Whistles
  13. Woodchuck
  14. Performance Art
  15. Random Thought
  16. In Stitches
  17. Eme’s Eggs
  18. Forgive Thy Neighbor
  19. Unexpected Aquifers
  20. The Fabric of Our Lives
  21. Snagged
  22. Pigpen
  23. Stepping Back in Time

Life is Good - Introduction

Funny how things go in life. I grew up in Brooklyn and spent summers in the country at my grandparents’ house. And while there is much to recommend the city, I always knew that I didn’t belong there and that I would be much happier living in the country.

After college, I worked in a green market by Union Square in Manhattan. Eventually, I met a man from Upstate New York, married him, and moved to a place on the map where the Hudson Valley and Berkshire Mountains meet and began country living in earnest. Along the way, we raised four sons and were adopted by our dog, Jolly. Read more about Life is Good - Introduction »

Hi Ho, Hi Ho...

Hey, Good Morning, Nancy Carey Johnson, Singer/Songwriter here. I'm off to Melba Studio today, to continue editing etc. on my Wild Women Don't Get the Blues CD - getting closer, I'm PSYCHED!!!

Hope you're well and enjoying this gorgeous weather,


Nancy Read more about Hi Ho, Hi Ho... »