This Old House

This is the first song I wrote since the age of 12. The lyrics mirror some true stories of some of the farmers I know. It is a hard look at the realities of farming. There is a saying "Never have so few fed so many for so little". This is the gospel truth. When you're counting your blessings, don't forget all of the very skilled, hardworking farmers who give up riches to be able to work closely with the earth - we owe them a lot! - N. Read more about This Old House »

So Excited!

Hi, Nancy Carey Johnson singer/songwriter here. I'm so excited! I finally got a chance to lay down some more demo tracks. a romantic song called "Web", another children's song "Baby Animal Friends" based on a story written by my friend 9 year old Ashley (he was 8 at the time he wrote it), "The Moon", and 2 covers - Desperado and Wagon Wheel. I LOVE to sing those songs so it was a real treat for me! One of these days I'll record other covers that I ALSO LOVE TO SING! Read more about So Excited! »

Keep Your Fingers Crossed

Hi, Nancy Carey Johnson singer/songwriter here. I Just found out that my duet partner in As You Are, 20 year old Michael Franklin, is trying out for American Idol this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed for him. He's hugely talented, polite and a GREAT GUY to boot! He not only sang with me, he put the 'video' to the music. Checkout it out on YouTube - As You Are by nancy carey johnson and michael franklin. There are 2 choices to click on. Both the same vocals, only one has a video. And if you like it, please leave a comment. We LOVE to hear from you! Have a great night and do good work! Read more about Keep Your Fingers Crossed »

Playing through a solar powered sound system...

Hi, Nancy Carey Johnson singer/songwriter here. I've been invited back to play at the Welcome To Summer In Spencertown festival held on the green in the center of town, right in front of St. Peter's Church. This event epitomizes the warmth of small town community, with a wonderful bake sale, several local artisans (including potter Maryann Davis, who's been on the "O" list more than once), a small flea market, a raffle to raise money for the restoration of St. Peter's Church which has bragging rights as the oldest wooden church in the county. Read more about Playing through a solar powered sound system... »

Recording TV Theme

Hi, Nancy Carey Johnson singer/songwriter here. About a year and a half ago I was commissioned to write a theme for an upcoming TV pilot. It being the first such opportunity to come my way, I was excited, jumped at the chance and wrote the theme - which BTW, the producer loved! Unfortunately, the show got shelved, and that was the end of that - or so I thought. Read more about Recording TV Theme »