Andy "Banjovi" Gordon

Hi All, Nancy Carey Johnson, Singer/Songwriter here. Time to tell you about another wonderful find, Mr. Andy “Banjovi” Gordon. As with most people working on my CD, Wild Women Don't Get the Blues, there is a story behind Andy's appearance. You see, I thought I'd found a banjo player for a couple of my songs. She is local and came highly recommended. She was all ready to do this project for me until I mentioned the “L” word. At the mention of the word Lawyer, she elected not to work on my project because she didn't want to be involved on something so 'corporate'. Read more about Andy "Banjovi" Gordon »

Terry Alaberry

Hi there, Nancy Carey Johnson, Singer/Songwriter here to tell you about one of the best things that has happened to me during the whole of this recording project. You see, I'd been having a hell of a time finding a drummer. I had one and he fell through, then after a long and fruitless search I reached out to friends, acquaintances and all sorts of musical types asking for recommendations. Even with that it was near impossible for me to find a drummer to call me back forget agree to record. Read more about Terry Alaberry »

Happy New Year!!!

Hi All, Nancy Carey Johnson, Singer/Songerwriter here. Just wanted to take a moment on this VERY cold and snowy day to wish you and yours a Very Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year!


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Technology - ARGH!!!

OK, I realize that technology is suppose to be our savior of sorts; saving the environment by not cutting down trees which causes soil erosion which leads to water pollution and less oxygen etc. However at the moment I am NOT impressed with technology. My friend and computer guy Matt Pirrone tells me that computers are, “Nothing more than a glorified toaster” and therefore I shouldn't expect too much from them. In this case all I can say is, “Yeah, OK, whatever...”. “Why such an attitude?” you might ask. Read more about Technology - ARGH!!! »

Electric Guitar Update

Hey there, Nancy Carey Johnson, Singer/Songwriter here to give you a quick update. Was in the studio yesterday with Con Doty and Diane Davis and did some good work. Looks like after editing Con's guitar work the only thing Lonely Angels will need is final vocals and then harmony vocals - YEA!!! Then hopefully sometime next week we'll record Con on, "I Know a Heartache" and that will do it for 'Heartache' except for vocals and backing vocals - YEA!!!! Closer and closer, I can't wait!

I'll keep you posted,


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