Lance Middlebrook

Hi guys, Nancy Carey Johnson Singer/Songwriter here on a beautiful midwinter afternoon. Thought I'd turn you on to my friend Lance Middlebrook. "Why?" you might reasonably ask. Well, Lance is one of those guys who has been gifted with an unfair amount of talent in that he's is a fabulous songwriter (I'm using one of his songs, "From the Rodeo to Rodeo Drive" on my "Wild Women Don't Get the Blues" CD), he's a good singer, a skilled guitarist and mandolin player (he even plays them upside and backwards) his band Wooden Nickel is a local favorite. Add to that he is an incredible artist/mural painter who's worked for some really big names;

If you have a moment, check out the links I've provided for Lance Middlebrook and treat yourself both musically and visually!

Be well and have a great day,



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