Main St.

Hi, Nancy Carey Johnson Singer/songwriter here. It's 4:44 a.m. and I was just watching the news, listening to the gut wrenching news that IBM is laying off 5,000 American workers and shipping the jobs off to India. It immediately brought my song What About Main Street to mind. I write all kinds of songs in all kinds of styles for all kinds of reasons. Though it's true I write tongue in cheek, up, fun, kiss my a...nkle tunes, many of the songs I write have a message. WHAT ABOUT MAIN STREET is one of those songs.

I LOVE this country! I have traveled extensively across it, met all kinds of really good, solid people, seen all kinds of beautiful and unusual sights. However, for years (long before the most recent "recession") I've been seriously concerned about the well being of small towns. I've heard lots of stories about how so many towns are drying up and blowing away, like the ghost towns of old.

My brother-in-law was offered a LARGE 3 storied Victorian home on a 1 acre corner lot in N. Dakota for $500.00. Nope that's not a misprint. Five HUNDRED dollars, total. Problem was, the town had died and there was nothing, no work, no stores etc. for hundreds of miles.

Though some of the lyrics in Main Street talk about the stock market being up and the Chinese economy booming (neither are true at the moment) the rest of this song is as relevant as when I wrote it. "...Jobs with living wages have vanished. They've been outsourced 'cross our borders left so many hight and dry..." For those companies like IBM who outsource their jobs, I hope it comes back to bite you in the ...- Nancy


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