Mindy Jostyn/Eva Cassidy 2 Great Talents!

Hi there Nancy Carey Johnson, Singer/Songwriter here hoping you're staying warm on this chilly fall day! Recently I've been listening to Eva Cassidy's CD "Songbird" and EVERY time I listen I find myself in awe of the many vocal talents the woman possessed. Not only did she "get it", she NAILED it - big time! Fast forward to a few years ago. Somebody introduced me to Mindy Jostyn -for those of you who don't know who she was, she was a very gifted musician, singer/songwriter. She toured and/or recorded with some of the biggest names in the industry including the likes of John Mellencamp, Billy Joel, Donald Fagen, the Hooters, Joe Jackson, Cyndi Lauper, and Carly Simon. She also appeared and/or recorded with John Bon Jovi, Shania Twain, Andreas Vollenweider, Pat Benetar, and Laura Nyro.

One late summer day I went to see Mindy to get some advice, to talk about music and the direction I wanted to go since my children were starting to get bigger. As we hung out at her pool watching our children play she asked, "Well what is it you want to do exactly?" I replied, "I don't know, all I know is I just want to sing!" Just before I left that day, Mindy went inside and came back with a gift for me. It was Eva's CD. She said, I want you to have this, you remind me so much of her!

I went home listened to the CD, read the liner notes and I knew why she'd given it to me. Eva also "Just wanted to sing"! Sadly, both Eva and Mindy were taken by cancer, but their lives, energy, music and spirit lives on still and enrich our lives. I will always be grateful to Mindy for her kind thoughts towards me and for gifting me with Eva's CD and I will endeavor to make them both proud! Nancy


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