Good Morning, Nancy Carey Johnson, Singer/Songwriter here. As I mentioned in my last blog, it was a tough winter. BUT the good news is Spring is here and it's time for renewal. More good news is that I've started recording again and things are moving forward on my Wild Women Don't Get the Blues project. Got the vocals done on my song Give Me Wings and on the romantic From the Rodeo to Rodeo Drive. Next up is Lonely Angels Weep: can't wait to get that done!

Speaking of “Renewal” I wrote a song for news anchorwoman Dawn Fratangelo who is a serious music lover! I first met Dawn during a very difficult period of her life and was inspired to write the song “Ballad of Renewal” for her. The really neat thing about this song (written for a music lover) is that it won a top ten “Honorable Mention” in the American Songwriter Magazine Lyric Only contest and it was also received a "Top 500 honorable mention" in Billboards Songwriting Contest!

Hope you're well and that spring really has come to your neck of the woods! Nancy


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