Signs From The Universe

Thought you might be interested in this...

Months ago Stephanie (my editor) sent me a link to a TED talk that her friend Ulla Suokko had done on experiencing, 'signs from the Universe'. It was both simple and remarkable and I found myself thinking, "Huh, that's SO cool. Sorry to say, much as I would LOVE to receive signs from the Universe, I've NEVER, EVER gotten one, but that just seems to be how things go in my life.

I know I told you about how I was supposed to have my Holiday/Christmas book done for last year and how I was honestly just too bizzy working on our hemp to give it the attention it needed. And how my plan was to finish taking care of the hemp, then get a critter book out by last March and then work on the Christmas/Holiday book. Turns out, that while I worked earnestly on the Critter book, I was still too bizzy with life, holidays and hemp (FTR, the REAL work begins AFTER harvest -yikes!) to get it done by my deadline.

But even with an un-met deadline, I continued to work on Critters every chance I got. Finally in June I thought, "OMGosh, I've got to put the critter book aside and work on the Holiday book because the holidays are just around the corner and they'll be here before you know it!" And so with some misgiving, that's exactly what I did.

Then literally, the very next morning after I decided I had to get back to working on Christmas, when I went out to the kitchen to start tea water, there on the window sill above my kitchen sink, sat this tiny little Christmas ornament.

The thing is, I have NO IDEA WHERE it came from, it just appeared out of nowhere. I asked all my guys and nobody knew where it came from.

It seems that at long last, I've finally received my first sign! And FTR, that's where it lives as a reminder of both the joy of Christmas and my deadline!

Life is good...

ps: In case you're interested in Ulla's TED talk, here's the link;