Walsh's Country Store, Falls Village, CT. Update

Hi there, Nancy Carey Johnson, Singer/Songwriter here. For those of you who were unable to be at Walsh's Country Store in Falls Village, CT. the other night, sorry to say you really missed out!

There were some tremendous musicians, great songs and what's really nice is that there is a genuine camaraderie building. Camaraderie of people who have very different styles, come from different backgrounds, are in very different places in their lives - and yet we are bonding - genuinely! It's as if everybody realized all at the same time that life is hard and it doesn't matter that one person's style is different than another's or that some people have much greater skill than others, rather, while we're all there having fun, we're also exposing our hearts and our souls for all the world to see and therefore we're in the same boat!

We played together, sang harmony for one another, backed each other up on instruments and had a REALLY GREAT TIME! Once more, Trish (the owner) actually got up and did a tune and she was really very good! So I'm truly sorry if you missed it, but I'll let you know when the next open mic/jam is and maybe you can attend that one! Have a great day, Nancy


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