Life is Good - Acknowledgments

I want to thank all the people who for years, encouraged me: "Write a book." If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have undertaken the task.

Cindy Snow-Pitts, Deborah W. Clark, John Brett, Jenna Lynn Gerrish, Wayne Levandoski, Merilyn Carey Donaldson, Tim Martin, Ralph Huntington, Laurie Cutler Kalanges, Renee Burke, Sharmon Gereg Dyer McKee, Marcia Sweeney-Young, Deborah Storrs, Sigurbjorn Marinosson (Sig Mar).

Thanks to Leslie Jackson who is the reason I started writing after she implored her friends, "Tell me about your day . . ." and so I did.

Thank you to my dear friend Jolene Pirrone, website designer extraordinaire, who has always stepped up to the plate to help me out and for knowing what needs to be done when I don't have the foggiest!

Thank you, Matthew Pirrone, for snapping the only good photo taken of me in twenty years!

Thanks to Gus Yoo for the beautiful cover design.

Thanks to John Ordover for suggesting I contact Stephanie Gunning.

And lastly though far from least, thanks to Stephanie Gunning, editor extraordinaire. Because without her wisdom and guidance, this book would NEVER have come to fruition!
TRULY I am blessed.