Life is Good - Introduction

Funny how things go in life. I grew up in Brooklyn and spent summers in the country at my grandparents’ house. And while there is much to recommend the city, I always knew that I didn’t belong there and that I would be much happier living in the country.

After college, I worked in a green market by Union Square in Manhattan. Eventually, I met a man from Upstate New York, married him, and moved to a place on the map where the Hudson Valley and Berkshire Mountains meet and began country living in earnest. Along the way, we raised four sons and were adopted by our dog, Jolly.

Looking back at my life, I realized that the adage “Life is about the journey, not the destination” genuinely applies to me. I’ve worn many hats in my life: wife, mother, homesteader, chief cook and bottle washer, gardener, forager, singer/songwriter, friend, and volunteer, along with “holder of an eclectic array of jobs.” Of late, I’m hemp farming.

I am also an accidental writer. Meaning, until recently I’d never in my whole life considered myself to be, or aspired to be, a writer. And it took a fourteen-year-old girl to point out that I was a storyteller, when she said, “Oh, another one of Mrs. Johnson’s famous stories!”

I started writing my stories on Facebook when a friend complained about all the regurgitated memes and hateful political posts on social networks these days that were constantly appearing in her feed. She pleaded with her friends and acquaintances: “Tell me about your day. About the things you saw and did today. About your life.” And so, I did.

Funny thing, after I started doing that, I gained “readers,” people who for years, encouraged me to write a book. I put them off until finally, somebody said, “No, really. You should.” That’s when I rolled up my sleeves and went to work. It turns out that I now have enough material for several books.

Life Is Good is the first of several I have planned. I hope you enjoy it!

Nancy Carey Johnson
August 2019