Go Team Nancy

When I unveiled the, "cover reveal" to my new book, I received so many lovely and much appreciated comments. But my friend Lisa Carman's comment stood out for me like a beacon because she absolutely nailed it on the head when she said, "Go team Nancy!"

As a writer I've had many people say kind and wonderful things about me, about my creativity, about how they loved my book etc. But the truth of the matter is, once a book is written, that's when the real work begins!

Starting with my friend John Ordover who, when I spoke with him a little blue about the fact that the person who both encouraged me to write Life is Good by saying he'd help me see it through to fruition, then crapped out on me, suggested that I call our old school mate Stephanie Gunning.

I wouldn't have a book at all, forget a second book if it weren't for my friend and editor extraordinaire Stephanie Gunning. And please trust me when I say she's WAY more than, 'just' an editor! She's the one who does so much of the grunt work that I wouldn't even begin to now how to do and she does it with such ease, grace and good humor!

Nor would I have either of my beautiful covers if it weren't for the very talented Gus Wu.

And Stephanie wouldn't even have begun to have my manuscript if it weren't for Matthew Pirrone, (Certified Genius) who's talked me down off of the computer ledge a million times because I am, sadly, not computer literate. And trust me on this one, some of the things I've called him about, once he's helped through it have been ridiculously easy!

I wouldn't have my beautiful website if it weren't for the talented Jolene Pirrone and here again all the things she's taken care of for me with grace and ease because I am not a computer wiz and she is, has been a blessing.

Nor would I have any promotional things done if it weren't for my wonderful publicist Dawnny Ruby who, when she discovered that I'd written Life is Good (I'd kept it a secret until it was actually published) said things like, "Well do you at least belong to a book club?" Silly me, now why didn't I think of that?

So, while it's true I have written a couple of books and I'm working on 2 more, it's equally true that if it weren't for my AMAZING team, while I might be a writer, I wouldn't have a book at all, forget having it published and released, with the second on it's way!

So THANK YOU John, Stephanie, Gus, Matthew, Jolene Dawnny for your friendship, kindness and skill! TRULY I am BLESSED to have you in my life and call you all, 'friend'!