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Holiday Book Deadline...

Me talking to my editor: OK Stephanie, I have a question for you. If we're aiming for an October 15th Release date for the holiday book, when do I have to have it done by? (Thinking she'd say @September 15th)

Stephanie: OK, well we have to do XYZ, including editing, formatting etc. etc. etc. sooooo, maybe by the latest August 1st!?!

Me: Thud ~which was the sound of me hitting the floor as I fainted...

On Winning the National Indie Excellence Award

It's crazy that during a pandemic somebody can be as bizzy as I am, but I've been seriously bizzy and there you have it! I tell you this as a way of explaining WHY I haven't, until now, sat down to share my news.

I was at work the other day (I'm an, 'essential worker') when I got a text from my amazing editor Stephanie Gunning saying, "Whhhhhoooohoooooo you WON the National Indie Excellence Award!!!!!! Congratulations!!!! You are also a finalist for HUMOR!"