The Things We Do for Love and Art

I'm sweltering. I KNOW I'm not the only one and it's only logical that I might be considering it's hot here in Vermont during July. But I've got, "additional swelter issues" adding to the natural ones due to the fact that I've got my oven going in 93º weather. Armed with that piece of information, you might rightly ask, "What kind of crazy woman would have her oven going in that kind of weather?"!

Well you see it's simple really. I'm working on my Holiday/Christmas book and because this one will have a lot more recipes in it (many of you asked for them), I had to make sure that one of my cookie recipes (I'd just developed it) was going to work in practice and not just in theory!

Thankfully they were delicious! Delicious or not however, my hope for you is that when you make this recipe, you do it in the cooler months and not in 93º weather!

While it is steamy at the moment, Life is absolutely Good...