On Winning the National Indie Excellence Award

It's crazy that during a pandemic somebody can be as bizzy as I am, but I've been seriously bizzy and there you have it! I tell you this as a way of explaining WHY I haven't, until now, sat down to share my news.

I was at work the other day (I'm an, 'essential worker') when I got a text from my amazing editor Stephanie Gunning saying, "Whhhhhoooohoooooo you WON the National Indie Excellence Award!!!!!! Congratulations!!!! You are also a finalist for HUMOR!"

Long story short, last August, once Life is Good; Wit and Wisdom from a Vermont Homesteader was released she said, "This is a nice little book. You should really submit it to some writing contests!" Well, I kinda had my doubts and besides which, there weren't any categories for collection of essays and... but she persisted. And finally this past January, after much back and forth with her trying to figure out which contests and categories to enter, I got it done. And then promptly forgot about it.

But when I read her words, I thought brilliantly, "Wait. What?" In all honesty it took a while for the fact that I'd won first place to filter through and then when it finally did, I was speechless ~literally! I could NOT believe it!

Long story short (mark it on your calendar) I have been floating on cloud nine for the last couple of days (in between work, family obligations, miserably hot weather, garden projects, dogs and chickens of course). I am SO EXCITED and GRATEFUL to have had LiG be chosen to win this award ~truly I am both honored and so very blessed.

Life is good...