Life is Good - Twenty-four Hours of Blonde

The last twenty-four hours have, shall we say, been interesting. Starting with the 3:30 am vacuuming of my ear. There was a bug stuck in my ear canal for an hour and, after trying every other thing I could think of, I resorted to sucking the bug out using the vacuum hose.

Then I was outside in my garden and had been tying tomatoes up for an hour. I was on my second to the last stake and gingerly reaching for a wayward stem when, WHAMO, I hit myself in the eye with the stake. I was so intent on reaching that darned stem I didn’t see the stake. Ahhh, try to see the Forrest through the trees.

Yep, another blonde moment. (If the village calls looking for the idiot, please tell them I’m on my way!)

Then Jolly found something horrifically stinky to roll in (what is it with dogs and stinky things anyway?), so of course, I had the dubious pleasure of bathing her.

And Jolly is not like so many of those doggies you see who love baths. Oh no. She—like my boys when they were little—hates baths. On top of that, she was so stinky that the peppermint soap I used did nothing to diminish the stink.

Ultimately, I resorted to using some of North’s shampoo, which now has Jolly smelling like a French whore!

Oh yay.