Shoes to Fill...

'Evening, Nancy Carey Johnson, Singer/Songwriter here. I forgot to tell you that a couple of weeks ago I participated in a songwriting contest and one of the guys who was there later said to me "You remind me so much of Wynona, in fact you could easily fill her shoes!" WOW. What on earth do you say to that other than humbly mumble "Thank you!"? That woman can SING like it's nobody's business! Don't know that I could actually fill those shoes, but I sure would like to try them on for at least a little while and give it a shot! Meanwhile, have a great night! - Nancy  Read more about Shoes to Fill... »

2 More Feathers...

... In my cap that is! Hi there, Nancy Carey Johnson, Singer/Songwriter here. Just found out today that BOTH of the songs I submitted to the Billboard Songwriting contest received an honorable mention! The first being Ballad of Renewal-this is the second time it's won an honorable mention in a songwriting competition- the other being Note From God...- I realize that I didn't "Win" the contest, but the truth of the matter is life is hard, consequently, the way you actually win is by playing, and playing I am.  Read more about 2 More Feathers... »


Hi there, Nancy Carey Johnson, Singer/Songwriter here. And that's kind of the point to this blog. Since I've started to write my own songs a few years back, I sing them a lot. But I was just looking at Desperado and thinking how much I love that song. I've been singing it since I was a kid and all these years later not only does it still have meaning for me, I NEVER tire of singing it! My only regret is that I didn't write it!!! But if I'm ever so blessed as to be able to write such a song, I'll let you know! Nancy  Read more about Desperado »

Lilith Fair

Hi, Nancy Carey Johnson singer/songwriter here on this very wet evening. Things have a way of changing so unexpectedly (yeah I know, no news there!) and my life is no different. In fact recently, a LOT of my time got freed up due to a 2 year project coming to an end. So why do I tell you this? Well, it's because I've got a burning passion in me to sing and to perform - so much so, that I would sing to the coyotes just to have them sing back in harmony - and scarily, that's no lie. In fact, I've ALWAYS had this desire.  Read more about Lilith Fair »



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