On Winning the National Indie Excellence Award

It's crazy that during a pandemic somebody can be as bizzy as I am, but I've been seriously bizzy and there you have it! I tell you this as a way of explaining WHY I haven't, until now, sat down to share my news.

I was at work the other day (I'm an, 'essential worker') when I got a text from my amazing editor Stephanie Gunning saying, "Whhhhhoooohoooooo you WON the National Indie Excellence Award!!!!!! Congratulations!!!! You are also a finalist for HUMOR!"

Catching Up

Many of you know by now that I am an, 'accidental writer', but what you may not know is about a week before I published Life is Good; Wit and Wisdom from a Vermont Homesteader (LiG), right in the middle of launch crazies, my editor called me and said, "OK, have you started your next book yet?" I almost fainted.


Good Morning, Nancy Carey Johnson, Singer/Songwriter here. As I mentioned in my last blog, it was a tough winter. BUT the good news is Spring is here and it's time for renewal. More good news is that I've started recording again and things are moving forward on my Wild Women Don't Get the Blues project. Got the vocals done on my song Give Me Wings and on the romantic From the Rodeo to Rodeo Drive. Next up is Lonely Angels Weep: can't wait to get that done!