Almost here...

Coming Soon

I'm reminded of an old joke, about a haunted hotel where an unsuspecting guest is taking a bath when a disembodied voice says, "It floats, it flooooats..." the unnerved guest looks around wildly and asks, "What floats?" and the disembodied voice replies, "Ivory sooooap...." "Chaos & Grace is coming, soon...." said in my finest disembodied ghost voice! June 1st is quickly approaching and if you haven't pre-ordered yet, this might just be a good time to do it! 10 Tracks for $7.00, 3 pre-release tracks to hold you over until the first (whew)!

New Website Coming!

New Website

I am really, super excited to tell y'all that I have a new website in the works. This setup was originally put together to be a simple showcase of some songs I was working on. Now that I am officially "The Vermont Homesteader" the new design will reflect that. My new website will be more user friendly, feature my books better, and offer more in the online store. Stay tuned!