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Holiday Book Deadline...

Me talking to my editor: OK Stephanie, I have a question for you. If we're aiming for an October 15th Release date for the holiday book, when do I have to have it done by? (Thinking she'd say @September 15th)

Stephanie: OK, well we have to do XYZ, including editing, formatting etc. etc. etc. sooooo, maybe by the latest August 1st!?!

Me: Thud ~which was the sound of me hitting the floor as I fainted... Read more about Holiday Book Deadline... »

The things we do for love and art

I'm sweltering. I KNOW I'm not the only one and it's only logical that I might be considering it's hot here in Vermont during July. But I've got, "additional swelter issues" adding to the natural ones due to the fact that I've got my oven going in 93ยบ weather. Armed with that piece of information, you might rightly ask, "What kind of crazy woman would have her oven going in that kind of weather?"! Read more about The things we do for love and art »

On Winning the National Indie Excellence Award

It's crazy that during a pandemic somebody can be as bizzy as I am, but I've been seriously bizzy and there you have it! I tell you this as a way of explaining WHY I haven't, until now, sat down to share my news.

I was at work the other day (I'm an, 'essential worker') when I got a text from my amazing editor Stephanie Gunning saying, "Whhhhhoooohoooooo you WON the National Indie Excellence Award!!!!!! Congratulations!!!! You are also a finalist for HUMOR!" Read more about On Winning the National Indie Excellence Award »