New Website - Bear with me!

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Coming Soon!

I'm reminded of an old joke, about a haunted hotel where an unsuspecting guest is taking a bath when a disembodied voice says, "It floats, it flooooats..." the unnerved guest looks around wildly and asks, "What floats?" and the disembodied voice replies, "Ivory sooooap...." "Chaos & Grace is coming, soon...." said in my finest disembodied ghost voice! June 1st is quickly approaching and if you haven't pre-ordered yet, this might just be a good time to do it! 10 Tracks for $7.00, 3 pre-release tracks to hold you over until the first (whew)!


A Little Nostalgia

Part of the soundtrack of my youth was CSN, and while they had many fabulous songs, my very favorite was Teach Your Children. I love the melody and the beautiful, lush harmonies and it's a song that when I sing it with other musicians, my heart is filled with joy. Listen to my fav here...