Playing through a solar powered sound system...

Hi, Nancy Carey Johnson singer/songwriter here. I've been invited back to play at the Welcome To Summer In Spencertown festival held on the green in the center of town, right in front of St. Peter's Church. This event epitomizes the warmth of small town community, with a wonderful bake sale, several local artisans (including potter Maryann Davis, who's been on the "O" list more than once), a small flea market, a raffle to raise money for the restoration of St. Peter's Church which has bragging rights as the oldest wooden church in the county.

Recording TV Theme

Hi, Nancy Carey Johnson singer/songwriter here. About a year and a half ago I was commissioned to write a theme for an upcoming TV pilot. It being the first such opportunity to come my way, I was excited, jumped at the chance and wrote the theme - which BTW, the producer loved! Unfortunately, the show got shelved, and that was the end of that - or so I thought.

Website "Beautification"

Hi, Nancy Carey Johnson Singer/songwriter here. Well, It occurs to me that my website is not what you'd call "Beautiful". It is however functional. And though I appreciate beauty, function is far more important. Can you tell that a lot of the above though true, is also code for I have absolutely no time at the moment to devote to this? BTW, neither does my dear friend and business partner in Mama Bear Productions, Jolene. Why mention Jolene? Well, truth is she's a fabulous website designer & developer #1 in her niche (advanced web design) only she too is up to her eyeballs in work.

Ballad of Renewal gets honorable mention in American Songwriter Magazine

Hi, Nancy Carey Johnson Singer/songwriter here. Thought I'd share the good news - I submitted my song The Ballad of Renewal to the American Songwriter Mag. lyric-only contest. I just heard back from them that they've given it an honorable mention in the May/June issue!

It's funny, some songs take forever to write and others (Ballad of Renewal included) took about 1/2 hour start to finish. It's a beautiful song and though it is a little sad, it is meant to be about hope and (yeah you guessed it) renewal!

If you get a chance, take a listen and let me know what you think.

Main St.

Hi, Nancy Carey Johnson Singer/songwriter here. It's 4:44 a.m. and I was just watching the news, listening to the gut wrenching news that IBM is laying off 5,000 American workers and shipping the jobs off to India. It immediately brought my song What About Main Street to mind. I write all kinds of songs in all kinds of styles for all kinds of reasons. Though it's true I write tongue in cheek, up, fun, kiss my a...nkle tunes, many of the songs I write have a message. WHAT ABOUT MAIN STREET is one of those songs.